Security & Safety Window Films

Protect Your Business & Employees

Safety and Security Films will transform your windows from an obvious vulnerability to a nearly impenetrable barrier against burglars, vandals, and natural disaster. Protect your occupants and employees with security films. Security Films are engineered to hold glass fragments together in the event of a breakage. These films reduce the potential for injury from broken glass while also deterring thieves and vandals.

Security for Commercial and Public Buildings

Protecting Your Assets

As a building manager or property owner, there are no shortages of responsibilities to keep you busy. Perhaps your most important responsibility is to the safety of your tenants and occupants, as well as the security of your building’s interior assets.

Burglary, vandalism, natural disaster, and extreme weather are just a few examples of the things that threaten your building’s security. Any of these threats can endanger your tenants and occupants. The only way to ensure the highest level of protection is a multi layered security plan.

Windows are an obvious soft spot in any building, so it makes sense to start by reinforcing this weakness. Security Window Film is the key to transforming this vulnerability into a strong barrier. Upon impact, window film holds glass shards together, preventing injury due to shards and significantly increasing the difficulty of breaking into a building through the window.

If an untreated window is broken, it can send razor sharp glass shards flying. These shards are an obvious safety concern for anyone inside your building. Security Films hold windows in place even after serious impact. This means that people inside the building are protected from shards, and anyone trying to gain access to a building through a window has their work cut out for them. These films are so strong that burglars are sure to give up and move onto an easier target.

Privacy Window Film in Milton, Ontario
Solar Control Window Film Graphic Film in Milton, Ontario
Solar Control Window Film Graphic Film in Milton, Ontario

24/7 Protection

From Security Threats to Extreme Weather


Extreme Weather

In the event of extreme weather or violent impact, Security Window Film acts to hold glass panes together in one piece, instead of shattering into thousands of razor sharp shards. We can’t always predict disaster, but it is easy to plan ahead and be prepared. Severe winds create rapidly changing pressure systems outside of windows. These pressure shocks can be enough to break and shatter conventional windows. Preparing with window film means that if extreme weather hits Milton, your building will remain safe.

25% Chance of Earthquake


Forced Entry

Thieves focus on two principles: speed and stealth. Security Films are engineered for maximum resistance to penetration and tearing, robbing would-be criminals of those two key principles. Thieves plan on being fast and quiet so that they are in and out of your building by the time anyone notices to call the police. With window film installed, thieves would have to spend far more time and create much more noise than they had planned. By making it too noisy and time consuming to gain access to your building, even the most stubborn burglar will be deterred.

15% Increase in Thefts



When vandals tag your building, the protective transparent film is simply removed and replaced, leaving your building completely undamaged. Applying new films is far easier, faster, and cheaper than having destroyed windows replaced, saving you time and money. If your building is in a particularly graffiti-prone area of town, we would suggest specially designed Anti-Graffiti Films. More about these special films can be found right here.

95% Cheaper Than Replacement


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