Residential Window Films

As energy costs rise and power shortages become more frequent, reducing energy consumption is on everyone’s mind. Windows are a major source of inefficiency in most homes, as solar heat gain in the summer leads to reliance on costly air conditioning units and ambient heat loss in the winter forces us to use energy to create heat. The good news is that the simple installation of window films can significantly lower heating and cooling bills by blocking solar heat from entering, while simultaneously rejecting UV radiation, eliminating glare, increasing safety, and retaining warmth in the winter.

Solar Films

Using natural light instead of artificial electrical lights is an easy way conserve energy. However, sunlight can quickly create hot spots in your home, fade furnishings, cause annoying glare, and expose you and your family to harmful UV rays.

Homes with too much sun exposure can quickly become uncomfortable and expensive to live in.

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Privacy Films

Open lines of sight through bedrooms and offices can cause issues with privacy and discretion. Privacy Films help you control visibility to give you peace of mind and comfort in your own home.

Ready made or custom options available

Infinite levels of transparency

Better comfort and peace of mind

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Security Films

Your windows don’t have to be the weak link in your home’s security. Security Window Film can transform your windows into a strong barrier against extreme weather events, natural disaster, accidents, and attempted break-ins.

Security Films hold glass shards together during breakage, preventing injury from broken fragments and stopping even the most stubborn thieves in their tracks.

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