Commercial Window Films

Ask any real estate executive in Milton what the most important issue they’ll face in the next decade is, and they’ll tell you “energy efficiency”. Having solar window films installed to exterior windows improves energy efficiency and reduces the load on HVAC units by reducing solar heat gain in the summer and retaining heat during the winter. Privacy films are a great option for increasing productivity while maintaining an open environment. Security films secure against intruders and protect occupants against extreme weather or natural disaster. From profitability to comfort to safety, commercial window films are ready to help your business succeed in the upcoming decade.

Solar Films

Commercial spaces with large windows are at risk of excessive sun exposure, which is uncomfortable for customers and employees. Ultimate Window Tinting is here to help you lower your energy expenses by increasing your efficiency, while raising comfort for everyone.

Make sure your building is comfortable to work and live in by installing solar window films. Your building will be cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and more comfortable all year round.

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Privacy Films

Offices and communal space that use glass partitions and open concept floor plans are bright and promote collaboration, but can also be distracting and feel uncomfortable. Privacy films let you control sight lines, increase productivity, and improve privacy.

Custom made quickly for your convenience

Unlimited options for clarity

Increased comfort & peace of mind

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Security Films

Safety and Security Films will transform your windows from an obvious vulnerability to a nearly impenetrable barrier against burglars, vandals, and natural disaster. Protect your occupants and employees with security films.

Security films are engineered to hold glass fragments together in the event of a breakage. These films reduce the potential for injury from broken glass while also deterring thieves and vandals.

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Anti-Graffiti Films

Graffiti causes immediate short term damage, as well as long term stress, for both businesses and residents in Milton, Ontario. Millions of dollars’ worth of damage caused by graffiti diverts tax dollars from other important services every year. Reduced property value, unhappy residents, and alienated customers are all reasons why graffiti prevention should be a key priority for every property owner.

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