Commercial Solar Window Films

Lower HVAC Costs & Increase Productivity

Ask any real estate executive in Milton what the most important issue they’ll face in the next decade is, and they’ll tell you “energy efficiency”. Having Solar Window Films installed to exterior windows improves energy efficiency and reduces the load on HVAC units by reducing solar heat gain in the summer and retaining heat during the winter.

Privacy Films are a great option for increasing productivity while maintaining an open environment. Security Films secure against intruders and protect occupants against extreme weather or natural disaster. From profitability to comfort to safety, commercial window films are ready to help your business succeed in the upcoming decade.

Leading the Way Into the Future

Going green and saving energy is essential for businesses today. Companies everywhere are adopting safer practices for the environment and making strides to better our ecosystem. Reducing waste and preserving energy not only benefits the world we live in, but can build a better business as well. Take a look at the key benefits of green business practices that our clients have experienced.

Going Green, and Saving Green Too

In today’s economy, saving on energy expenses by going green is essential. Companies all over the country are looking adopt practices that will reduce their impact on the environment. Taking measures to reduce waste and conserve energy not only benefits the world in which we live, but helps us build a more sustainable business as well. Here are the major benefits of going green that our clients experience year after year.

Window films help you save money on energy expenses in three main areas: the ability to embrace natural light, rather than closing blinds to cut out the glare, will let you save money on electricity by reducing lighting usage; blocking out excess heat in the summer will greatly reduce the load on your cooling system; and retaining winter heat by as much as 88% will lighten the load on your HVAC system, keeping your occupants comfortable year round and reducing overall expenses by a significant margin.


Social Responsibility

Environmental protection is an increasing component of corporate social responsibility. A growing number of your customers will want to know that the companies they support are doing what they can for the environment, and Solar Window Film is an easy way to get on the cutting edge. According to Environmental Leader, over 50% of consumers prefer to support and company with a reputation for being “green”. Not only are responsible companies good for attracting and retaining customers, but employees will be happy to know that their employer is doing their part.


Innovation Drives Innovation

Discovering better and more efficient strategies and processes forces you and your staff to innovate and think creatively. By thinking critically and coming up with improved means of production, you will see new drive and creativity flourish within your workforce. Engage your staff and partners in the discussion and see that you can make significant changes to how you operate.


Taxes & Government Funding

Grants and funding are available for businesses who are demonstrating their commitment to increasing energy efficiency. Implementation funding is available for large commercial, governmental, and institutional customers to help offset the cost of starting energy efficiency programs. Be on the lookout for programs that offer financial support for businesses and organizations who want to explore increased energy efficiency.


Make a Positive Impact

Regardless of how small or large your organization is, becoming more efficient will make an enduring difference to our environment. By doing your part to reduce waste and consume less energy, you and your colleagues will be doing the right thing for each other and our planet.

Solar Films: By The Numbers

Health, Safety, and Comfort


Ultraviolet Radiation Rejection

Ultimate Window Tinting’s line of Solar Window Films block ultraviolet light, reduce excess heat gain, and eliminate glare. All of our film block more than 99% of UVA and UVB rays and have built-in UV inhibitors, meaning they won’t discolour over time. By rejecting nearly all harmful UV rays, you can be happy that your employees and customers are protected.

By rejecting nearly 100% of broad spectrum UV rays, your furnishings will also be protected from fading.

99% UV Rejection


Solar Heat Rejection

The majority of intrusive solar heat comes from two sources: visible light and infrared light. Our multi-layered optical film and nano-technology will reject up to 97% of solar infrared light and 85% of heat that penetrates windows. That means that the interior of your building will remain comfortably cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

85% Heat Rejection

Visible Light Transmittance 0
UV Light Rejection 0
Solar Heat Rejection 0
Winter Heat Retention 0

Energy Savings

Imagine a simple retrofit that would reject up to 85% of solar heat in the summer, while also retaining up to 88% of ambient heat during the winter. Maybe it sounds too good to be true, but that is exactly what you get with Solar Window Films from Ultimate Window Tinting. When you consider that the average window lifespan is 15 to 20 years, you will be enjoying these benefits for decades to come.

Depending on the size and orientation of your windows, you can expect a reduction of between 5% and 15% on your heating and cooling bills, which calculates to around $0.20 per square foot. To get an idea of the magnitude of savings we’re talking about, multiply that $0.20 by the size of your building, 12 months a year, for 20 years.

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