Residential Privacy Window Films

A 21st Century Solution to Traditional Window Coverings

Privacy Window Films are the modern, cost effective solutions to typical window coverings like blinds and shades. Unlike coverings, films do not block natural light or obscure window frames. Rather than just blocking everything, Privacy Films allow lots of beautiful sunlight to stream in, while preventing wandering eyes from invading your privacy. There are limitless possibilities for customization, and it is easy to replicate the look of expensive specialty glass. Discover the myriad options that will have you loving your windows like never before.

Why Do Our Clients Love Privacy Films?

Add elegance and style while ensuring privacy



Many of our customers want to reduce sight lines in their homes to allow greater productivity in their home office. Strategically used Privacy Films promote focus and add better style than clunky room dividers.



Bathtubs, showers, and private areas with exterior views are luxurious and desirable, but those are the last places where you want to feel that you lack privacy. Semi-transparent Privacy Films let light in, but keep outsiders’ eyes out.


Cost Effective

Covering a home in drapes and shades is cumbersome and can get expensive. Specialty glass can cost thousands of dollars per pane. Privacy Films mimic the look and performance of specialty glass at a fraction of the cost.

Unlimited privacy options

Ultimate privacy can be achieved with frosted window film. These films will completely obscure vision in both directions, but allows light to pass through. Frosted films can be made in a huge range of patterns and designs, so it can work with any decor.

Alternatively, one-way daytime privacy can be achieved by using reflective or tinted window film installed. This type of film reflects exterior light, giving a mirrored or tinted look from the outside, but allows you to maintain your views out.


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