Security & Safety Window Films

Protect Your Family, Your Home, & Your Property

Security & Safety Window Films transform your homes weakest link - untreated windows - into a strong barrier. Reinforcing your windows with film will help you protect your loved ones and your property from threats like break-ins, extreme weather, and natural disaster. These films are incredibly strong; they are specifically engineered to hold glass together in the event of breakage, limiting potential injury from errant shards and also deterring stubborn criminals.

Securing Your Home Against Forced Entry and Extreme Weather

Protect What's Yours

As home owners and parents, we understand that nothing is more important to you than protecting your family from harm. Our homes are more than just buildings or assets, they are where we spend time with our families and house our most special memories. If the unspeakable were to happen, insurance will help us recover some of the financial losses, but ultimately it is up to us to secure our homes. It is our responsibility as home owners and parents to make sure our homes are safe for our families and our property.

Threats to our homes can take many forms – natural disaster and extreme weather threaten the structure of our homes, while criminals and vandals threaten our property and loved ones. The only way to approach security is with a comprehensive, multi-tired approach.

Your windows could be your home’s most vulnerable area. Windows can offer easy access to your home, allow outsiders to see in to assess who’s inside and where they are, and if broken by accident or extreme weather, disintegrate into thousands of razor sharp shards.

Security & Safety Window Films plays a key role in your defence system. Films create a barrier that holds broken glass together upon impact. This reduces the obvious safety issues associated with broken windows, while also hugely reducing clean up cost and effort. Films also create a strong barrier that deters burglars, all while remaining nearly invisible.

When an untreated window breaks, it immediate shatters into thousands of pieces. If broken by weather, shards can be sent flying through your home, while immediately exposing your family and assets to the elements.  Security & Safety Window Film holds shards together, providing protection for the people inside. Films also greatly increase the time, noise, and effort required to gain access to a building through a window, reducing security threats – there’s a reason banks use this stuff to protect their assets.

24/7 Protection

From Extreme Weather, to Vandalism, to Forced Entry



In the event of extreme weather or natural disaster, Security Films reduce damage and the likelihood of injury from broken shards. Disaster can be impossible to predict, but it is easy to prepare. Severe winds can create pressure differentials on either side of a window that are extreme enough to break it, when this happens, the effect is explosive and glass can be sent flying. Even an errant hockey puck from an enthusiastic driveway game of shinny can shatter a window. Films hold glass together to keep your family safe, no matter what caused the glass to break.

25% Chance of Earthquake


Forced Entry

The two most valued assets for a thief are speed and stealth. Security Films were engineered with this in mind, offering ultimate resistance to penetration and tearing, robbing potential thieves of those two characteristics. Thieves plan on being in and out of your home in a matter of minutes, much faster than law enforcement can get to the scene. After failing to break the window after 3 or 4 attempts, they will cut their losses and retreat. By making it loud and time consuming to gain access to your home, you will be successful at deterring the most stubborn thieves.

273K Crimes Against Property/Year



Vandals today are going beyond traditional spray paint, going so far as to use mechanical and chemical methods of etching in order to make their mark. If this happens to you, the films are simply peeled off, along with the tag, and new ones are reapplied. Reapplying films is far easier and less costly than replacing an entire window. If you live in an area that is especially prone to vandalism, you can use these films on any smooth hard surface, including glass, metal, or anything with a mirrored finish.

95% Cheaper Than Replacement


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