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If you live in a neighbourhood with lots of pedestrian traffic, you have neighbours that are in close proximity to your home, or simply your bedroom or bathroom windows just feel too exposed, it is natural that you would want to protect your home from wandering eyes. Reducing sight lines into your home, without destroying your view, might sound impossible. But, it is actually very achievable with the right strategy. Here’s how you can take control of your privacy, without changing anything you love about your view.

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Where ultimate privacy is the only option

Privacy Window Films in Calgary, Alberta


Having a beautiful view from a shower, bathtub, or chamber area is extremely luxurious, but an obvious privacy concern. If you can take control of the flow of light, you can control who gets a view of what, and therefore take control of your privacy.


Exterior Windows

Maintaining privacy from neighbours and passersby is key to feeling comfortable at home. Window coverings are expensive, darken your home, and kill your view. Window films mimic the performance of specialty glass at a fraction of the cost.

Privacy Films in Calgary, Alberta

Interior Spaces

To increase productivity if a home office, increase privacy, or just improve the effects of glass partitions, many of our clients choose to use graphic films on the inside of their homes. These films fit with any style and are fully customizable.

Improve your Privacy Peace of Mind Aesthetic

Many residents in Milton enjoy spectacular views. Having large picture frame windows help us connect with our surroundings and local environment, as well as letting us enjoy the flow of beautiful natural light.

A common story from our clients is that while these beautiful windows provide many great things, they are also a source of privacy concerns. With untreated windows, people posing by outside your house can see into your home as well as you can see out. Simply by controlling the flow of light from the inside of your home to the outside, you can successfully obscure the visibility into your home without changing your ability o see out.

With no window film, standard windows let around 80% of light to escape your windows into the outside world. Because escaping light is what lets outsiders see in, untreated windows allow outsiders an unfiltered view into your home. To keep prying eyes at bay, all you need to do is limit the amount of light that escapes. Window film can reduce the amount of escaping light down to 30% - nearly a 3 fold reduction. That means it is essentially impossible for an outsider to see into your home.

Visibility from outside: No Films 0
Visibility from outside: With Films 0


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