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We all love natural light, but excessive sunlight can flood through untreated windows, quickly rendering those rooms unliveable. Besides the heat, one of the most annoying affects that can happen is glare, which makes reading or using your computer a chore. Fortunately, you don’t have to just block out the sun altogether to eliminate glare. There are several great ways you can reduce solar glare while allowing natural light to flood into your home.

What We Hear Most

Where glare is at its highest

Solar Window Films in Calgary, Alberta

Obstructed Views

Often times, the windows that provide us the best views also create the worst glare. We often hear from clients that the glare created by their large picture frame windows prevents them from enjoying the beautiful views.

Solar Window Films in Calgary, Alberta

Screen Time

When glare interferes with your ability to see computer and TV screens, working in your home office can be very frustrating. Modern TVs have incredible screens that increase saturation and contrast, but their glossy finish can amplify glare.



When glare is an issue, reading becomes difficult or impossible. Especially true on glossy magazine pages, excessive glare will strain your eyes, potentially causing health problems down the road.

Boost Your View Productivity Comfort

It can take more than one solution to glare prevention to totally reduce its effects, this is because there are more than one type of glare. Disability glare is caused by sunlight reflecting off of whatever it is you are looking at. This type of glare obscures things like text and screens because it is direct.

Discomfort glare occurs when there is brighter light to the periphery of an object that you are trying to focus on. Although you are able to focus on that object, the bright light entering your eyes from elsewhere makes focusing for long periods of time difficult, and can result in headache and eye strain.

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